Adding a Guest Room That’s Really Comfortable

Sometimes, having an extra room in your home is something of a double edged sword. On the one hand, there’s the extra space that’s perfect to use as an office or den that can be easily converted into a guest room when you’ve got company. On the other hand, converting extra rooms into something useful can be a very expensive undertaking, especially if you’re not really handy with a hammer.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can really make a guest room into an inviting, hotel-style, corner of your home without spending big bucks to do it. In fact, if you follow these tips, the only tool you’ll need to access is your wallet (and even that won’t get much of a workout).

The best way of making an older room look brand new is by dressing it up with bright new bed spreads and curtains. Colorful chenille bedspreads, for example, don’t have to cost a lot of money but can radically impact the look feel of a whole room.

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, try dressing up the room with newly recovered armchair and rocking chair cushions. These little changes make a much bigger difference than you might have imagined.

How to Add a Facebook Like Box to a Squidoo Lens

Get More “Likes” With Your Lenses!

Social media is all about overextension the chat through online mediums. What bigger way to get the chat out about your Facebook Fan Page again to add a “Like” box to your Squidoo lenses. Not alone will you be able to accord your page acknowledgment to Squidoo massive lens makers, but you will aswell be giving new abeyant admirers a way to abutment you after abrogation your lens. This lens is an simple footfall by footfall how to on abacus a “like” box to your Squidoo lens.

Adding Your Facebook Page

Once you accept created a Facebook page and accustomed buy facebook likes  at atomic 25 “Likes” you can adapt your URL, this is an important footfall to authoritative abiding that you can add a “Like” box to added sites. This will advice to advance your page’s afterimage and the likelihood that a appointment will bang “like” and become a fan of your page. Already you’ve auspiciously created your page, got 25 “likes”, and created a convenient simple to bethink username you can move on to abacus a like box to your lens. Just go to the adapt contour area of your Facebook page and again bang on the assets tab. You will again be able to actualize an simple to bethink username for your page.

As you’re creating your lens add the Facebook Fan Box module. The bore instructions, already you go in to add your page, will ask for cipher or for the URL of your page. Here’s the catchy part, the instructions do not acknowledge two actual important things. First, use the URL of your page to add it to the Facebook Fan Box module. I spent a brace of hours addition this out. Second, you accept to log into your page and bang on adapt page to get an anecdotic set of numbers.